The growing trend of ‘Virtual Coaching’

If you Google phrases related to online coaching programs (example: virtual life coaching or virtual leadership coaching). You will be amazed at the amount of relevant search results that come up. Amazing, huh? This will certainly give you an idea as to how popular virtual coaching has become over the past few years. More and more people are now hiring coaches through the internet to resolve pressing issues, to help them improve their self-confidence, to help them save their marriage, to become a better leader or to master certain skill.

Virtual coaching is unquestionably one of the most trending services in the online arena today. But do you ever wonder why? Well, this is because it’s very convenient for both the coach and the client. Instead of organizing to meet in a particular location, which can be a huge hassle, they can just pick up the phone or open Skype and begin their session! This means saving not just time but also money and energy.

Another good reason is because online coaching programs are just as effective as traditional face to face coaching programs. People who offer virtual coaching programs already have the in-depth knowledge, first-hand experience, skills, and even the required personal traits to offer their coaching services and run a successful coaching business. I have found the majority of virtual coaches to be fully committed in helping their clients because these people know that it’s the only way that they can succeed in continuously attracting more clients to their web-based door-step.

Thirdly, online coaching programs are much easier to find. Potential clients who have access to the internet can do their research and find the best coach for them in just a few clicks. These people can visit the website and if they’re impressed, they can research the reputation of a particular virtual coach. They can visit forums or blogs where they’ll usually find comments and feedback from those people who have signed up with the same coach before. Potential clients can then just email the coach, ask about the programs, and they can talk about the details via the phone or skype. They can even ask for a free sample session to see if the coach can really address their specific needs and demands. That means, nobody needs to leave their house or office to get things done. Considering the busyness and fast pace of 2016’s day-to-day living, this is definitely a good thing!

At Empowered Leadership in partnership with Coach Masters Academy, we pride ourselves on equipping our students with the skills required to become proficient at not only at face to face but also virtual coaching. Our graduates feel confident in their ability to coach virtually, stemming from our unique program design which includes 10 x online practical coaching sessions. This means our students really get to take advantage of this growing trend!

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