The Ultimate Guide to Three Major Coaching Programmes

Just imagine a scenario where you are engaged in doing what you love and helping yourself and others to advance personally and professionally. Whether you are engaged in working as a manager or you are close to retirement or a busy parent, by becoming a well-known certified professional coach, you can overcome obstacles and achieve all the targets of life.

Life Coaching Programmes Christchurch

Coach Masters Academy’s Life Coach Certification Programme will prepare you with the knowledge and skill set to positively impact the lives of others. You will learn powerful, proven trans formative coaching methodologies which will bring outstanding results to the clients. After acquiring a certificate in this programme, you will be able to help others achieving success in all the areas of life such as health, relationships and work life balance to name a few. Enrolling in this programme will be a life-changing experience; not only will you learn the skills to support others, you will also step into becoming a better version of yourself in the process. This programme will allow you to help others:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Overcome obstacles & limiting self-beliefs
  • Gain motivation
  • Improve clarity of direction
  • Achieve life and career goals

Leadership Coaching Programme

How can a leader retain top talent? How can a leader improve staff performance? Coach Masters Academy’s leadership coaching programme is the perfect solution to enhance your leadership skills and will help you in following ways:

  • It enables you to gain deeper insights into your leadership style and related behavioural tendencies
  • You can develop an optimal coaching mindset and crucial coaching skills
  • A better understanding to support your organisation’s talent
  • The ability to start using skills to manage the performance of your team

Career Coaching Programme

Are you not happy with your profession? Are you wanting to find a career which provides more fulfilment? If yes, Coach Masters Academy’s Career Coaching Programme is for you! This innovative programme will enable you to gain clarity in your career direction and allow you to put the steps I place to successfully move forward.

  • Gain clarity in your career direction
  • Identify negative thoughts and behaviour patterns that may be blocking your development.
  • Highlight your values to ensure career alignment
  • Identify your interests and strengths

Why Choose Coach Masters Academy

Our academy is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of coaching and training, offering a number of different Coaching Programmes in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. Our powerful Coaching Programmes allow our clients to achieve purpose and fulfillment within their lives and develop their careers.

Why You Should Consider A Coaching Programme

Are you just floating through the various areas of your life. Could you have more meaningful relationships, greater career success, more money in the bank, or deeper meaning in your life? Well, it sounds like it is time for you to consider a coaching programme.

There are many ways that coaching can benefit you, here are just a few…

Consider A Coaching Programme For…


It is one thing to tell yourself you couldn’t be bothered, but a lot scarier to tell someone else! The accountability of a coach keeps you pushing forward with your goals.

Keeping You On Track

You know you have to do certain things to achieve success, but sometimes you will lose focus and get distracted. A coach would be your compass, always pointing you in the right direction.

Getting Faster Results

You only have a finite amount of time in each day, so why waste it dithering about? A coaching programme can teach you the most efficient way to achieve your goals. That means you can get faster results, saving you time and energy.

Saving Money

Yes a coaching programme will cost you money. But it could end up saving you lots in the long run. A coach will be able to provide invaluable advice on the right investments for your life. They can also help you overhaul your spending habits to be more practical.

Saving You Stress and Frustration

Taking advice from someone experienced and knowledgeable can save you a lot of stress, frustration and heartache. You can have confidence in the expert advice your coach can provide.

Self Confidence And Sense of You

You are your biggest critic. Release your negative thoughts and value your skills and abilities. Dig below the surface of self doubt and expose your self confidence with an effective coaching programme.

As you can see, there are many benefits to coaching in all areas of your life. So if you are looking for Coaching Courses in Wellington, Coaching Programmes in Christchurch, or even coaching nationwide, then have a chat with us here at Coach Masters Academy.

We are ready to help change your life if you are.