Why School Leavers Benefit From Career Coaching

When you leave school to embark on the big wide world, it can be a pretty large shock to find out just how big and wide the world really is. There are so many possibilities and paths to take, but it can be confusing to know which is the right path. Should it be University, should it be a trade, should it be an apprenticeship, should it be an internship, or should it simply be work experience?

Simplify the decision by using expert career coaching services at Coach Masters Academy.

Why Career Coaching?

Align Your Attributes

Career coaching for school leavers can help them to align their personal attributes to a suitable career type. This will take into account passions, hobbies and also their fears. They can help the student gain clarity on the direction they might want their career to take. We spend so much time at work, it is great if we can love what we do!

Establish A Success Mindset

Developing a successful career needs the right kind of mindset. Career coaching can help students understand the importance of setting goals and implementing them across a realistic 5 year plan.

No Wasted Time

It is common for students to leave school, go straight to University and finish with a degree they will never use. The better option would be to use a career coach to pinpoint the direction they want to take and advise them on the best route instead of doing something just because the majority of their peers are doing it.

Give Valuable Knowledge

Students know a lot of algebra, biology and metaphors, but not much about real life skills. Most won’t know how to send an educational application, how to write a great CV, or how to behave in an interview. A career coach can provide valuable advice on the best way to step into adulthood.

Professional Communication

Many school leavers are caught in a digital bubble of text speak and emojis. But they will not be able to use that kind of communication in the workplace, or in higher education. A specific career coaching course for teens can prepare them for the professionalism they will need.

Give your school leaver the best chance for success by speaking with Coach Masters Academy about our Career Coaching Programme NZ. We would love to help your teen establish the mindset that will serve them through to adulthood.