Sarah Devereaux, MCC

Sarah Devereaux

Sarah Devereaux, MCC

Australia & New Zealand Director of Training / Transformational Coach

Sarah is proud to be regarded as the youngest coach in the world to hold her Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF). With only two other MCC coaches in New Zealand, Sarah is amongst the elite in the industry

As an accomplished trainer of coaches, Sarah brings a depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience to her trainees. She has the unique ability to engage her students in their own personal transformation as well as helping them comprehend and execute the art and science of coaching. She has trained hundreds of Coaches in transactional and transformative coaching methodologies.

In addition to assisting her students to become certified coaches, Sarah also provides mentor coaching which enables her trainee coaches to attain their credential through the International Coach Federation. Sarah believes that leading CMA in New Zealand and Australia, and offering such state of the art training enhances the connectedness between New Zealand and the larger global coaching community. It is her privilege to be a part of an academy with such integrity, innovation and global reach.

Sarah enjoys working alongside C- Suit and senior executives, developing their leadership and
coaching capabilities to increase productivity, improve communication and build an
empowering company culture.

She also runs her ‘Balancing Life in Heels’ program for professional women. As a wife and a mother of two, Sarah identifies with career focused women who are juggling many roles. In her innovative coaching programme, Sarah assists executive women to attain fulfillment, stability and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.