Business Coaching For Coaches

Business Coaching for Coaches

As a Certified Professional Coach, You May Be Wondering…

 What next?
 How can I turn my coaching knowledge into a profitable coaching business?
 How do I create a desirable coaching package for prospective clients?

Our Business Coaching for Coaches programme is designed for passionate certified coaches who are ready to start their own coaching business.

A combination of tools, resources and 1-1 coaching sessions will provide you with the support you need to successfully niche, package and position yourself as a valued professional in the coaching industry.

What Is Included In Business Coaching for Coaches?

  • Personalised Strategic Coaching Sessions
  • Niche Development Coaching
  • Coaching Package Creation
  • Client Acquisition Resources & Templates
  • Branding &Marketing Resources

Benefits of Completing This Coaching Programme

The benefits of taking part in the specialized Business Coaching for Coaches programme includea deep sense of clarity and direction as you move forward in starting your professional coaching business.


  • Clarity on your unique coaching niche
  • Ability to promote a clear message to your target market
  • Creation of a coaching package which will serve your niche client group
  • A clear strategy to move forward
  • Access to branding, marketing and client acquisition resources.


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