The paradigm shift of Millennials seeking a different kind of fulfilment in the workplace has created a desire forthem, as well as preceding generations, to engage in Life Coaching. This industry   has recently become the second fastest growing profession in the world.

Millennials are no longer interested in having an average of seven jobs or career changes over their working lifetime and are instead wanting to ensure their career of choice is in alignment with their values and permits personal fulfilment. The emotional intelligence of the Millennial generation is significantly higher than that of their predecessors.  They are more in touch with their feelings. Therefore, their desire for financial security is not as strong as their desire for work-life balance and satisfaction in the workplace.

The old paradigm of people sacrificing their personal values for a pay check has contributed to the dwindling of social ethics in business, and has contributed to an all-time happiness low according to the 2011 Gallup Poll (Sneed).

With a desire for personal fulfilment, Millennials have taken it upon themselves tofill this need by investing in Life Coaching outside of the working environment. This is due to the fact, that in many cases, not enough time or money is allocated forpersonal development within the workplace for newcomers and general staff.

Life Coaching provides a variety of different avenues to explore ones’ human potential. When it comes to personal fulfilment, the Life Coach can help the coachee to understand and clarify their core values, beliefs, priorities, life purpose as well as moving toward achieving their personal and professional aspirations.

Due to this growing trend, the older generation has had to make a huge shift in their thinking, in order to change their prior perceptions around fulfilment. Therefore, it has become more prevalent for them to engage in Life Coaching to achieve a quality of life that has been foreign to them.

In order for the older generations to understand the millennials desire for a purpose driven business and a purpose driven life, there is a greater longing to understand where their own fulfilment comes from.

In order to meet this growing demand for personal growth, it is even more important for those in management and leadership positions to engage in Life Coaching or better yet, Life Coach training; with the personal knowledge, they will attain, they will be able to address the need for personal development and fulfilment of their staffwithin their organization.  They will transform the workplace from an environment of being task centric to being people centric.This will create sustainable growth in not only the bottom line but creating a vibrant and exciting company culture focussed on “being” rather than “doing.”

It is obvious that in today’s society, people are choosing to make personal fulfilment and work-life balance a priority in their lives. Therefor Life Coaching is the most obvious solution to ensure the current trend of attaining fulfilment and purpose in relation to themselves and the greater good is achieved

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