Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Programme

As a global brand operating in 34 countries, we are proud to be at the forefront of Transformative Coaching world-wide. “Leading edge” is just one of the terms used to describe our coaching and training programmes.

At Coach Masters Academy – New Zealand, we believe in maximising the individual potential of our clients. This innovative and one of a kind programme combines self-exploration, purposeful design and strategic planning, enabling a meaningful progression towards a successful career path. Taking an intentional and proactive approach, clients are able to match their skillsets, interests and personal attributes with exciting new career opportunities.

Why Is Career Coaching Important?

A staggering 85% of the world’s working population are either not engaged or are dissatisfied in their current professions. This powerful statistic tells us that too many individuals are settling into jobs or careers with an inner knowing that it’s just not the “right” fit. Many want a change in career, but don’t know how to navigate this change process for themselves. Our Career Coaching programme offers clients, not only a proven system, but also the support to step into their new career with confidence and clarity.

Who Is Career CoachingValuable For?

This programme has been designed to help those who are either dissatisfied in their current profession or considering a new career direction. This programme offers clients the ability to step forward confidently, knowing that their choices will bring about career success and personal fulfillment.

What Is Included In our Career Coaching Programme?

Personal Benefits:

OurCareer Coachingprogrammetakes clients through a proven success model which aligns their strengths, values and personality type with career clarity and strategic action. Clients are guided through a powerful coaching process which combines individual coaching sessions and self-directed transformational exercises with ongoing mindset conditioning through our state of the art app.

  • Fortnightly Individual Transformational Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Transformational Exercises
  • 1 Year Access to the ‘Be Intent’ app.

What Are The Benefits?

Personal Benefits:

  • Identify and develop your personal strengths, drivers and values
  • Gain clarity in your career direction
  • Establish a ‘success mindset’
  • Learn goal setting and strategic implementation skills
  • Create your five-year plan
  • Step confidently into your next career move

Structure of the Programme:

Personal Benefits:

Through the combination of personal coaching, self-directed transformational exercises and the daily usage of the ‘Be Intent’ app, this is an all-inclusiveprogrammewhich provides clients with the clarity and self-assuranceto move forward confidently. This programmeis designed for clients to work through at their own pace, requiring approx. 60 – 90 minutes per week over a six-week period.

Your Next Steps

To take part in this powerful programme, designed to give you the ability to step confidently into next career move, contact us now on 0800 003 803 or fill out the contact form.