Career Coaching for School Leavers

As a global brand operating in 34 countries, we are proud to be at the forefront of Transformative Coaching world-wide. “Leading edge” is just one of the terms used to describe our coaching and training programmes.

At Coach Masters Academy – New Zealand, we are passionate about supporting our next generation to successfully navigate their way into adulthood.

Who Is This Programme Valuable For?

This powerful programme is designed for soon to be or recent school leavers who want to gain clarity in their career direction and make enriching life choices. Developed over many years, and utilising the latest in Neuro Science, Positive Psychology and EQ, this programme has been thoughtfully and systematically designed. It enables young people to step confidently towards their chosen career direction, knowing that their choices will bring about career alignment and personal fulfillment.

What Is Included?

Career Coaching for School Leavers takes young people through a proven success model which aligns self-discovery and career clarity with strategic planning and motivated action. Young people are guided through a powerful process combining individual coaching sessions and self-directed transformational exercises with ongoing mindset conditioning through our state of the art app. School leavers can work at their own pace as they successfully bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood.

  • Fortnightly – Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly – Transformational Exercises
  • 1 Year Access – ‘Be Intent’ app.

What Are The Benefits?

Personal Benefits:

  • Align your personal attributes with your career choice
  • Gain clarity in your career direction
  • Establish a ‘success mindset’
  • Create your five-year plan
  • Learn goal setting and strategic implementation skills
  • Step confidently into adulthood

Structure of the Programme:

Through the combination of personal coaching, self-directed transformational exercises and the daily usage of the ‘Be Intent’ app, this an all-inclusive programme provides School Leavers with the confidence they desire to move forward boldly. This programme is designed for School Leavers to work through at their own pace, requiring approx. 60 – 90 minutes per week over a six-week period.

Your Next Steps

To take part in this powerful programme, designed to give you the ability to step confidently into next career move, contact us now on 0800 003 803 or fill out the contact form.

Please enquire about our discounted school leaver packages for multiple attendees.